Stick to one project dammit!

My limited hobby time this week was spent all over my projects…

Monday I was exhausted after my daughter’s birthday party Sunday so instead of roleplaying we played a game of Relic. I appreciate my friends letting me get away with this (especially seeing as I won!) although they’re beginning to realise how lucky I am (really I’m just a genius strategist – not!) and seem to think this gives me an unfair advantage. I just win so many games.

The rest of the week I tried to paint when I had the time. I made the parts I needed for the scorpius but progressed it no further. I continued on Rupert a little but mostly I worked on my white Templar. I wish I was a better painter. I spend too much time frustrated at my skill level that I often wonder if I spent the time patiently applying thin layers would I actually improve.

I’ve got two new books to help me. Part 1 of the Forgeworld painting guide and I was one of the lucky few that got one of the first run of Angel Giraldez new book. Signed too 😀

Beasts of War talked about Batman again today… Darn them but I want a joker gang!

No progress on DZC scourge force but I hope to utilise my airbrush soon. I have plans for them! 

Finally… My first game of Infinity next week. I’m intrigued, but not enough to buy any more forces thank goodness.