Scorpius mk.1

After my game last Friday I decided I’d like a Scorpius or two of my own. As I don’t own any Whirlwinds having something that could be utilised as both works for me. The Scorpius based on the Deimos pattern framework.

So I started looking for mk.1 whirlwinds to use as the base. I quickly found some on eBay but there was one on a warhammer group on Facebook going particularly cheap due to its condition. I decided that for £10 including postage I would take the plunge…

It was truly in a bad way. Most entertaining was the way the missiles point at the tank! The first job was to break it down as much as possible and see what could be salvaged. I particularly wanted the sides and the metal parts.

It didn’t look great at this stage but the core parts had been saved. The metal parts were grit blasted clear of paint and I took as much paint off the rest of it as I could. Using illustrator I drew out the middle section and made the basic form pretty quickly.

Then I started to place the salvaged parts back onto the framework and this is where I left it for the day;

I’m enjoying it as distractions go. I ought to be working on my scourge, my ogres or my bikers but, right now, this has caught my fancy. I’ve also ordered some parts for a new Templar warlord having been inspired by a friend’s Raven Guard model. I plan to create ‘The White Templar’ to lead my assault squad.


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