How the week went…

It’s been a fun week. We’ve taught our daughters to play chess and Carcassone. I’ve received almost all my miniatures back from various commission painters that had them – I like to have the base coats painted and then go in and do weathering and detailing myself. I’ve continued my new found mission to rescue badly painted miniatures (imo) and give them a new lease of life as a Black Templar.

My scourge are nearly all built but I’m still not decided on a paint scheme. I’m planning on something that uses the airbrush, some shading and a bit of detailing but we’ll have to see with that. I have some liquid greenstuff now to finish preparing the models for painting so hopefully I’ll be up and running soon, before any other projects (I’m looking at you Wolsung!) turn up.

Thursday night was boardgame night with a couple of friends – we played Chaos in the Old World where – after a first turn card that shortened the game – we all lost to the a Empire. I think I was close to victory but you never can be sure in that game. Hopefully soon we’ll play a 5-man game. Afterwards we played relic but unfortunately ran out of time, relic really is the kind of game that takes the whole evening by itself.

I’ve been challenged to a game of ‘something’ next week. Possibly Wednesday night. I have a feeling this may be infinity as my friend has bought the starter set and is raving about it… Another new game?!? I have no intention in investing in it but quite happy to give it a try. Just wish we could play more of the games we already own; he’s one of the DZC players I know and the owner of Planetfall that we still haven’t played yet.

Friday was my highlight though. I went down to Southampton Sluggaz to play a long-overdue game with a friend. We’ve been back and forth all week about what to play and, in the end, we settled on a 1000pt each 40k game. His 30k Space Wolves vs my Black Templars. He put together the far better list; 2 squads of 10 marines with bolters and close combat weapons, a 5 marine unit with flamers, a warlord with killer weapon and a 2+ save, a psyker (level 2) and 2 Deimos pattern Scorpius Whirlwinds.

My list was pretty poor to be honest. I couldn’t tell you my reasoning for my choices except I wanted to try out an emperor’s champion and a drop pod. I went for a thunderhammer and stormshield wielding chapter master in terminator armour, an emperor’s champion, a venerable dreadnought with power fist and assault cannon (in a drop pod) and 2 15-man crusader units with 10 initiates and 5 neophytes. 1 unit set up for ranged and the other for close combat. The EC let the close combat unit.

The result of all this, and my poor tactical choices during the game, was that I was almost tabled (wiped out completely). At the end of the game I had my chapter master, one marine and a drop pod left. The deployment of my chapter master was probably my biggest mistake. Once again I chose to start with him in reserves and didn’t see him until turn 3. I’ve made this mistake before and it’s time to learn from it. He achieved killing a couple of men with his orbital bombardment and he destroyed a scorpius but he should’ve done more. The dreadnought and the other scorpius died in a rather epic stand-off that finished with the scorpius destroying both of them in his final volley. The emperor’s champion died in a middle of the table duel with my friends warlord when his psyker decided enough was enough and jobbed him. He had managed to hold up the warlord and his unit for 3 turns (with the 4 surviving marines that actually made it to the melee -they died swiftly once the psyker joined though) and the psyker for two turns. This led to a very surprising development – I won!

The game was a matter of taking and holding an objective (HQ) with any unit. Because of my EC he failed to reach my objective and my drop pod was sat within claiming distance of his – thanks to a lucky scatter. He had been guarding the objective with his flamer unit but between some early shots from the dreadnought and persistent shooting from the drop pod they were down to 2 men in my last turn. The drop pod fired, killed one and the other failed his leadership test and fled the table leaving the pod to claim the objective. Pure luck won me a game I had absolutely no right to win but luck really is all it needs sometimes.

I plan to completely rewrite my list with a lot of the lessons I’ve learned ready for our next game.


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