The scourge has begun…

I’ve begun to assemble my scourge forces. The ships are done and the ground forces are next. I’m impressed with how good the ships look, particularly my Harbingers and the Desolator. The Harbingers are far bigger than I expected them to be and I find myself wishing all the scourge transports had this styling if not size. The Harbingers have the online assembly issue out of all the models; the tail doesn’t fit cleanly onto the body. I’ll need to dig out my green stuff or procure some more.

So now I’ll sit and enjoy pondering colour schemes. Something organic, dark and threatening. I thought of the Shadow ships from Babylon 5 and the Vorlon from the same. Something along those lines is where my creative vibe is taking me at present. Something I can play with my airbrush to create hopefully. It hasn’t had anything like the use I’d planned. But the actual colours I’m undecided on. Purple, red, fleshy grey-pink or black and something… Pinterest here I come; it’s time to search for some inspiration.


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