Where to start?

I’ve decided to record my expeditions in gaming and painting. Hopefully it’ll be a cathartic experience and will help keep me in the painting ‘zone’.

Predominantly I plan to write about my new Scourge army for Dropzone Commander (DZC). I made a great deal with Trolltrader in Newquay, I exchanged my second Warhammer 40k army for £180 in credit for Dropzone. I sat and made my shopping list, it was very exciting actually. I planned the list by checking the Hawk Forums for Scourge lists that predominantly feature the ships I like aesthetically rather than what is an effective army. I’m about the fun with this, not the winning. Hopefully having ships I like will help keep the mojo on the building and painting.

However I also aim to write and document some of my other gaming too. I love board games and have a good selection. I’ve recently received Firefly, Alchemists, Dragonriders and the latest expansion for Bloodbowl Team Manager as Christmas presents and am yet to play any of them other than Dragonriders. 

For a good while I revelled in Kickstarter and have several items now arriving; Tiny Epic Kingdoms (TEK) and Tiny Epic Defenders (TED) have recently arrived as has the update to my favourite game to play with my daughters – Luchador! I’m still waiting on several items including Harbor (US spelling), Wolsung (my birthday present from last year), Galaxy of Trian (a cross between Carcassone and Star Trek, this is for my Trekkie, Carcassone-loving wife) and a Steampunk game due later this year. 

I recently made the decision that as a game addict I would only keep one army for each game I play (except Wolsung – more on that later). So with 40k I’m keeping my beloved Black Templars, for Warzone by Prodos it’s my Imperial (I have a character named after me in Warzone!). My ‘epic-sized ‘ games are DZC (now) and Planetfall (of which I have a small force). For the fantasy genre I’ve just started an Ogre Kingdoms force for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (by small I mean I am painting my first figure currently) and for Steampunk I’m waiting on Wolsung. With Wolsung I’ve ordered a few small forces as I’m hoping to play it with my daughters. It’s also a skirmish game so only small forces are required.

Games that really intrigue me but I’m not yet committed to include Aliens vs Predator (also by Prodos), Wild West Exodus, the Batman Miniatures game and the Judge Dredd Miniatures game. I also rather enjoy a good game of Bolt Action but don’t own any miniatures and have infrequently played Dust.

I’m a backstage member of Beasts of War and weekly watch both weekender showsto find out what’s going on in the world of my hobbies. I never miss Will Wheaton’s Tabletop and occasionally watch other geek and sundry shows.

Finally, I’ve been a roleplayer since I was 12 and am currently GMing a weekly Warhammer campaign, which may get some mentions, and I’m playing a martial character with mental illnesses in a monthly Rolemaster campaign.

So that’s where I’m starting I suppose… I’m a geek, a roleplayer, a boardgamer, a miniatures addict, a painter and an artist but also a husband and father and I love bringing the two worlds together.


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