Scorpius mk.1

After my game last Friday I decided I’d like a Scorpius or two of my own. As I don’t own any Whirlwinds having something that could be utilised as both works for me. The Scorpius based on the Deimos pattern framework.

So I started looking for mk.1 whirlwinds to use as the base. I quickly found some on eBay but there was one on a warhammer group on Facebook going particularly cheap due to its condition. I decided that for £10 including postage I would take the plunge…

It was truly in a bad way. Most entertaining was the way the missiles point at the tank! The first job was to break it down as much as possible and see what could be salvaged. I particularly wanted the sides and the metal parts.

It didn’t look great at this stage but the core parts had been saved. The metal parts were grit blasted clear of paint and I took as much paint off the rest of it as I could. Using illustrator I drew out the middle section and made the basic form pretty quickly.

Then I started to place the salvaged parts back onto the framework and this is where I left it for the day;

I’m enjoying it as distractions go. I ought to be working on my scourge, my ogres or my bikers but, right now, this has caught my fancy. I’ve also ordered some parts for a new Templar warlord having been inspired by a friend’s Raven Guard model. I plan to create ‘The White Templar’ to lead my assault squad.


How the week went…

It’s been a fun week. We’ve taught our daughters to play chess and Carcassone. I’ve received almost all my miniatures back from various commission painters that had them – I like to have the base coats painted and then go in and do weathering and detailing myself. I’ve continued my new found mission to rescue badly painted miniatures (imo) and give them a new lease of life as a Black Templar.

My scourge are nearly all built but I’m still not decided on a paint scheme. I’m planning on something that uses the airbrush, some shading and a bit of detailing but we’ll have to see with that. I have some liquid greenstuff now to finish preparing the models for painting so hopefully I’ll be up and running soon, before any other projects (I’m looking at you Wolsung!) turn up.

Thursday night was boardgame night with a couple of friends – we played Chaos in the Old World where – after a first turn card that shortened the game – we all lost to the a Empire. I think I was close to victory but you never can be sure in that game. Hopefully soon we’ll play a 5-man game. Afterwards we played relic but unfortunately ran out of time, relic really is the kind of game that takes the whole evening by itself.

I’ve been challenged to a game of ‘something’ next week. Possibly Wednesday night. I have a feeling this may be infinity as my friend has bought the starter set and is raving about it… Another new game?!? I have no intention in investing in it but quite happy to give it a try. Just wish we could play more of the games we already own; he’s one of the DZC players I know and the owner of Planetfall that we still haven’t played yet.

Friday was my highlight though. I went down to Southampton Sluggaz to play a long-overdue game with a friend. We’ve been back and forth all week about what to play and, in the end, we settled on a 1000pt each 40k game. His 30k Space Wolves vs my Black Templars. He put together the far better list; 2 squads of 10 marines with bolters and close combat weapons, a 5 marine unit with flamers, a warlord with killer weapon and a 2+ save, a psyker (level 2) and 2 Deimos pattern Scorpius Whirlwinds.

My list was pretty poor to be honest. I couldn’t tell you my reasoning for my choices except I wanted to try out an emperor’s champion and a drop pod. I went for a thunderhammer and stormshield wielding chapter master in terminator armour, an emperor’s champion, a venerable dreadnought with power fist and assault cannon (in a drop pod) and 2 15-man crusader units with 10 initiates and 5 neophytes. 1 unit set up for ranged and the other for close combat. The EC let the close combat unit.

The result of all this, and my poor tactical choices during the game, was that I was almost tabled (wiped out completely). At the end of the game I had my chapter master, one marine and a drop pod left. The deployment of my chapter master was probably my biggest mistake. Once again I chose to start with him in reserves and didn’t see him until turn 3. I’ve made this mistake before and it’s time to learn from it. He achieved killing a couple of men with his orbital bombardment and he destroyed a scorpius but he should’ve done more. The dreadnought and the other scorpius died in a rather epic stand-off that finished with the scorpius destroying both of them in his final volley. The emperor’s champion died in a middle of the table duel with my friends warlord when his psyker decided enough was enough and jobbed him. He had managed to hold up the warlord and his unit for 3 turns (with the 4 surviving marines that actually made it to the melee -they died swiftly once the psyker joined though) and the psyker for two turns. This led to a very surprising development – I won!

The game was a matter of taking and holding an objective (HQ) with any unit. Because of my EC he failed to reach my objective and my drop pod was sat within claiming distance of his – thanks to a lucky scatter. He had been guarding the objective with his flamer unit but between some early shots from the dreadnought and persistent shooting from the drop pod they were down to 2 men in my last turn. The drop pod fired, killed one and the other failed his leadership test and fled the table leaving the pod to claim the objective. Pure luck won me a game I had absolutely no right to win but luck really is all it needs sometimes.

I plan to completely rewrite my list with a lot of the lessons I’ve learned ready for our next game.

The scourge has begun…

I’ve begun to assemble my scourge forces. The ships are done and the ground forces are next. I’m impressed with how good the ships look, particularly my Harbingers and the Desolator. The Harbingers are far bigger than I expected them to be and I find myself wishing all the scourge transports had this styling if not size. The Harbingers have the online assembly issue out of all the models; the tail doesn’t fit cleanly onto the body. I’ll need to dig out my green stuff or procure some more.

So now I’ll sit and enjoy pondering colour schemes. Something organic, dark and threatening. I thought of the Shadow ships from Babylon 5 and the Vorlon from the same. Something along those lines is where my creative vibe is taking me at present. Something I can play with my airbrush to create hopefully. It hasn’t had anything like the use I’d planned. But the actual colours I’m undecided on. Purple, red, fleshy grey-pink or black and something… Pinterest here I come; it’s time to search for some inspiration.

A week off

I’m lucky in where I work. I enjoy my job and I work in a school which, amongst other benefits, means I get a good amount of holiday each year. I can’t decide when to take it like others can but most of the time I’m off at the same time as my wife and daughters. This has been a major improvement in my life as I used to work at the other end of a motorway doing a job with harsh deadlines and unpleasant customers and coworkers. 

I say this because I like to reflect on it when I have a week or two off. Makes me appreciate it more. 

This week I’m roleplaying tonight, hopefully having a boardgame night with friends on Thursday and then having my first taste of Sluggaz (a miniatures gaming group) in Southampton on Friday. I couldn’t say which I’m most looking forward to but I can say I’m most nervous about Friday. I don’t do well with new people. I don’t go out of my way to game with people I don’t know, in fact I avoid it. I don’t do tournaments unless my friends are with me. I can play competitively but I play for fun and people obsessed with winning ruin the hobby for me. 

One of my friends plays theme armies, they’re great but they don’t win often and he takes it to heart. Another friend researches armies, plans them out based on his opponent and plays to win. He’s fine however if he doesn’t win. They struggle to play against each other. Out of the two I actually find it easier to play the second guy. My other friend prefers to play against the first. We all share the same hobby yet so many of us approach it so differently. Friday night I’m playing a game against the ‘other’ friend. We both play for fun, we have a laugh and lots of daft comments and conversations along the way. For me that’s what it’s about. I like to win, I’m competitive as a person, but the fun along the way is more important.

So I’m rambling… The point was I don’t know what to play on Friday. My friend has given me the choice. DZC, Warzone, 40k, Planetfall or Malifeux. I don’t want another game so, as good as Malifeux’s reputation is, it’s off the cards. That slot in my repertoire will be taken by Wolsung when it arrives. My DZC army only arrived last week so it’s still in exciting looking boxes and unplayable. I’m pretty sure even with a week off I’m not going to get it ready. Planetfall actually belongs to another friend again (I know right? That’s a lot of friends for a roleplayer, geeky-nerd!) and we haven’t played yet so that wouldn’t be on.

So Warzone or 40k? I wish I could play both more often. I love the Warzone rule system but also rather fancy getting my Templars out of their display cabinet – they could do with the exercise. But Warzone would be awesome to introduce to Southampton, get more people playing it locally maybe? I really can’t decide…

In the meantime I’m looking at a big box of scourge that need assembly and a half-painted ogre tyrant that needs some love. Here the procrastinating begins, the hobby-wide ‘where do I start?’ issue. But sitting here, writing this has worked today. Today is a scourge day.

Time to open some boxes!

Where to start?

I’ve decided to record my expeditions in gaming and painting. Hopefully it’ll be a cathartic experience and will help keep me in the painting ‘zone’.

Predominantly I plan to write about my new Scourge army for Dropzone Commander (DZC). I made a great deal with Trolltrader in Newquay, I exchanged my second Warhammer 40k army for £180 in credit for Dropzone. I sat and made my shopping list, it was very exciting actually. I planned the list by checking the Hawk Forums for Scourge lists that predominantly feature the ships I like aesthetically rather than what is an effective army. I’m about the fun with this, not the winning. Hopefully having ships I like will help keep the mojo on the building and painting.

However I also aim to write and document some of my other gaming too. I love board games and have a good selection. I’ve recently received Firefly, Alchemists, Dragonriders and the latest expansion for Bloodbowl Team Manager as Christmas presents and am yet to play any of them other than Dragonriders. 

For a good while I revelled in Kickstarter and have several items now arriving; Tiny Epic Kingdoms (TEK) and Tiny Epic Defenders (TED) have recently arrived as has the update to my favourite game to play with my daughters – Luchador! I’m still waiting on several items including Harbor (US spelling), Wolsung (my birthday present from last year), Galaxy of Trian (a cross between Carcassone and Star Trek, this is for my Trekkie, Carcassone-loving wife) and a Steampunk game due later this year. 

I recently made the decision that as a game addict I would only keep one army for each game I play (except Wolsung – more on that later). So with 40k I’m keeping my beloved Black Templars, for Warzone by Prodos it’s my Imperial (I have a character named after me in Warzone!). My ‘epic-sized ‘ games are DZC (now) and Planetfall (of which I have a small force). For the fantasy genre I’ve just started an Ogre Kingdoms force for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (by small I mean I am painting my first figure currently) and for Steampunk I’m waiting on Wolsung. With Wolsung I’ve ordered a few small forces as I’m hoping to play it with my daughters. It’s also a skirmish game so only small forces are required.

Games that really intrigue me but I’m not yet committed to include Aliens vs Predator (also by Prodos), Wild West Exodus, the Batman Miniatures game and the Judge Dredd Miniatures game. I also rather enjoy a good game of Bolt Action but don’t own any miniatures and have infrequently played Dust.

I’m a backstage member of Beasts of War and weekly watch both weekender showsto find out what’s going on in the world of my hobbies. I never miss Will Wheaton’s Tabletop and occasionally watch other geek and sundry shows.

Finally, I’ve been a roleplayer since I was 12 and am currently GMing a weekly Warhammer campaign, which may get some mentions, and I’m playing a martial character with mental illnesses in a monthly Rolemaster campaign.

So that’s where I’m starting I suppose… I’m a geek, a roleplayer, a boardgamer, a miniatures addict, a painter and an artist but also a husband and father and I love bringing the two worlds together.